PIC BY Eeerkia Schulz / CATERS NEWS – Dont be fooled by these little monkeys – because despite looking exactly like a baboon the exotic plants are in fact two species of orchid FLOWERS. From the long face to the bushy hair and big lips, the incredible similarities between the plants and a baboon is enough to make anyone stop and stare. The species – officially named as Dracula Simia in 1978 and Dracula Anthracina in 1982 – originate from South America and are dubbed monkey orchids and its clear to see why. The hilarious-looking flowers were caught on camera by amateur photographer Eeerkia Schulz, 57, at the Gardens of Herrenhausen flower show in Hanover, Germany. Eerika, from Estonia, said: When I found these flowers I couldnt believe how much they looked like monkeys. I often see Dracula Simia now especially in cold and rainy forests. It never fails to amaze me just how similar they are. I cant believe how lovely they are and everyone that I show pictures of them to are instantly surprised just like me. SEE CATERS COPY…NOT FOR SALE IN GERMANY/AUSTRIA OR SWITZERLAND